Welcome to the Mamaaura Eco-System

We care about establishing deep ties with our business partners with whom we share the same perspective and sensitivity. We will be happy to see you among Mamaaura business partners and to work with you. Below you can find the main features of the Mamaaura pharmacy channel exclusive distribution system.

Minimum Inventory Cost

We are aware that today’s product variety is abundant and shelf space is limited and getting narrower day by day. The demands of each pharmacy in its own location are customized and we are taking action in this direction. That’s why we find it fair that our business partner pharmacies can order any amount of our product they want, without a minimum order quantity. In addition, we believe that financial support is not only about the convenience of payment, so we try to minimize the inventory costs of our business partners as much as possible.

Launch Packages

At the birth of each of our products, we bring together consumer demands and the scientific knowledge of pharmacy and direct our R&D studies. Although we strive to bring out the most ambitious products in the field, we know that our pharmacies have varying customer demands, and that’s why Mamaaura does not give unpleasant surprises with mandatory launch packages.

Fair Competition Conditions

In each sales channel, we take measures so that each of our business partners can deliver our products to consumers under fair and equal market conditions. For this reason, we audit all listings on the online channel and terminate our partnership with those who engage in activities that violate fair competition rules among our business partners. Our pharmacies are the only partners that we always prioritize and cooperate under the best conditions with our positive discrimination policies compared to other sales channels. We are working hard especially to keep the position of our pharmacies strong against chain stores.

Pharmacies Are Our Business Partners, Not Our Customerss

Mamaaura campaigns are only for consumers, so we can stabilize the profitability of our pharmacies and reflect the campaigns on the products directly to consumers. In all campaigns, we inform our business partner pharmacies in advance and take all necessary actions. In this way, all campaigns across the country can also be realized in our pharmacies, and our pharmacies also benefit from the campaign intensity.


Contact Now

If you are interested in taking part in the Mamaaura ecosystem, we will be happy to discuss all the details and cooperate with you. You can reach us via e-mail address or phone number
0850 346 6262.

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